Stories of you could be the cure.

If you’re a Black American with a blood cancer, you only have a 23% chance of finding a genetically compatible donor.

How do you sum up Be The Match® in one sentence? We connect donors to patients. It’s not only that simple, it’s also that hard.

The chances of finding a matching donor for Black patients are severely limited. While white patients have a 77% chance of finding a genetically matched donor, Black patients only have a 23% chance.

If every Black American reading this joined the Be The Match Registry® as a volunteer blood stem cell donor, we can change those odds. YOU could be someone’s only hope for a cure.

Step up. Save a Life.

One Donor Can Make a Difference

When Lauren volunteered to donate blood stem cells, she had no idea what it really involved. This is how the process of saving a life begins.

We’re honored to be a part of the Bayou Classic this year as the presenting sponsor of the Greek Show. And a huge THANK YOU to Southern University and Grambling State University for stepping up and shining a light on the opportunity to save a life! Hosting Be The Match lights a beacon of hope for patients in need of a life-saving blood stem cell donation from a genetically matched donor.